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Plus Air Filter - FC-22231

Part Number FC-67224
Plus Air Filter - FC-22231
Plus Air Filter - FC-22231
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FC-67224 - Plus Air Filter

Cross Reference : X22231, 067224 , 067224-410 , FC-2507-JB , Bauer

This filter is manufactured by A Plus Marine Supply - Lawrence Factor, Bauer, Mako are registered trademarks.  Our filters are sold for aftermarket use and are not OEM.

-Molecular Sieve, Carbon, and Hopculite
-Dimensions: 2.75" OD x 18.5" L

 Picture shown is a generic example of an A Plus Marine air filter.

The Plus Air filter cartridges provide maximum purification for your compressed air needs through these unique filter innovations.
-Insert Rod - Stainless steel rod through length of filter to assure no breakage or filter separation from end caps.
-Oring seal with "easy pull" handle on top
-No wool pads - The Plus Air filter uses on 100% synthetic pads for increased micron filtration.
-Back plates - We use multiple back plates that are non corrosive and pads to maintain even pressure throughout the life of the filter.
-Air Channeling - Perforated back plates assure that filtering occurs evenly across media bed and does not channel down the side wall.
-Better Seals - Oring sealed end caps ensure a seal which will no crack or separate from the tube like the glue and electronically welded filters can do.
-Active Compression - Stainless steel spring assures a tight, efficient filter media bed through out the life of the cartridge.
-Transparent Shell and color changing indicator strip to inform you of filter media condition.
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