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Oxycheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm

Part Number V4000
Oxycheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm
Oxycheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm
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V4000 - Oxycheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm

    Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer with Alarm. Compact and fits in your hand.

  • Range: 0-100 ppm
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 ppm
  • Alarm: Alarm sounds @ 10 ppm (+/- 1ppm)
  • Sensor: Galvanic (Replaceable)
  • Cost to replace: ($140 MSRP)
  • Response time: 95% @ 10 seconds (May very in extreme temperatures)
  • Sensor Expedited life: 3.5 years (Most last 3.5 +)
  • Calibration: Only when new sensor installed
  • Power: 3 ea AAA cells (Alkaline only User replaceable)
  • Battery Life: Varies under continuous use or for immediate sampling
  • Operating Temp: 32 degrees F to 120 Degrees F (0C to 50C)
  • Storage: 5 Degrees F to 135 Degrees F (-15C to 57C)

The Expediton CO analyzer reads in parts per million. This truly is a very small amount of CO. The alarm will sound when the level of CO reached 10 PPM (+/- 1ppm).

Most sensors last 3.5 years to 4 we have seen up to 5 years on the sensors. In comparison, you would have to replace two oxygen sensors in an oxygen analyzer during this same time. So the cost of the CO sensor is less over the same time.

The electrolyte in the sensor tends to dry up after 3.5 years. Most sensors are not used up by the actual sampling of CO. The sensors only give off milivolts according to the amount of CO it reads. So the less CO, the longer the life of the sensor.

The OxyCheq Expediton CO analyzer ships in its own case with room for supplied nozzle and room for optional accessories such as a flow restrictor. Please note that all galvanic sensor are susceptible to humidity, temperature and pressure. We recommend a flow restrictor for increased accuracy.

The OxyCheq Expedition CO Analyzer is made in the USA, serviced and calibrated in the USA.

One Year Warranty on Analyzer and Sensor

Does not include regulator or calibration gas (Needed when replacing the sensor).

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